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With TerraBot you have the possibility to create a banner according to your ideas. You have many options to have your banner displayed individually and with many special functions that were rarely available with a dynamic banner. The team of TerraBot works daily on extensions and new features for your personal use in Teamspeak.



With the banner of the TerraBot you can not only project data from your teamspeak and output it as an image, but also vary the image itself. Through our special script, your picture will be chosen randomly. So that you have the possibility to use different sizes or also positionings with your picture, there are different text layers, which you can assign to your pictures.



To create an account and use the functions of TerraBot it is necessary to verify yourself on the website. Therefore visit our Teamspeak and go to the channel "Verify Account". Verification is uncomplicated and fast.

Welcome to TerraBot.de

TerraBot for your Teamspeak 3

With simple "clicks" you can dynamically display and manage the banner on your Teamspeak. By different settings your banner will be unique and individually adapted to your needs. But also further functions in the future will make your bot stronger and combine everything in one bot. TerraBot does not need to be installed and no IT knowledge is required. With a clear web interface, you have the whole bot under control.

TerraBot is not a self hosting software and consists of a website with an interface.

If you still have problems, our friendly support will take care of you.

What is a dynamic banner?

In principle, a dynamic banner is an image with a branding or beautiful motifs. However, it would be practical in various applications if this banner could change its motif or display useful information. Especially useful would be this function for use in different forums, Teamspeak or for your own website.

But because behind such a picture is not only the picture alone but also a lot of scripts that convert the information into this picture, it is not so easy for everyone to create such a banner. We offer you the possibility to create a banner with TerraBot according to your needs.

Services & Feature

The team of TerraBot.de tries to offer a web interface that is as clear as possible in order to be able to operate the complex functions easily. Also the registration and logging in is fast and easy. So that we can operate internationally, the website was developed in 2 languages (English / German). Our support is also available for people who have difficulties with the technology.

To avoid having to create a new account for each Teamspeak, you can create any number of instances of Teamspeak with one account. Our bots were developed in such a way that they automatically join again when a disconnect occurs.

Dynamic Banner

  • Unlimited image upload up to 1MB size per image
  • Simple positioning of the texts/variables
  • Display of different values of your Teamspeak on the banner
  • background image can rotate with other background images for special applications
  • With the rotation, the text profiles (called themes) can also be varied per image

Move Client

With us you have the possibility to create different Move-Profiles under which different Move-Rules are created. So you can create as many Move-Profiles as you like according to your individual needs.

  • Each profile has the special settings, in which channel the user should be moved, after what time the user should be moved and whether the user should receive a message if he was moved.
  • option, whether the user should be pushed back to his original channel when he is active again.
  • Determine move rule by channel
  • Determine move rule by server group
  • Move rule by Idler time
  • Move rule through absence
  • Move rule through microphones or sound muten

Displaying Variables

With over "$count_vari. variables you can create an individual and flexible banner and present your community in a unique way.

Dynamic banners (examples)

Support us with a donation

What we do is fun. Above all, it is a great pleasure to see how many users make use of our service. It is also always an experience to get to know different people, if you can help them and have personal conversations with them. We are a committed team and try our best to push our project forward.

To ensure the performance and the guarantee to keep our project running, considerable costs cannot be avoided. So far our service is free of charge and should give also the persons with a little less money a joy.

To make sure that we don't get stuck at our expense, you can help us by donating a small amount to support our project. We are happy about every small amount and thank you very much for every donation.