multifunctional bot & dynamic banner

Since we are currently working on a new version (TerraBot Beta 5.0), no new verification is possible at the moment

We will keep you up to date by contacting us on our teamspeak

Our bot will be available for the pre-alpha testers from about 1st. July

Our Teamspeak ts.terrabot.de

A powerful bot, which takes care of your Teamspeak completely
and offers professional functions.


Complete web interface

You have a web interface for the operation of your bots and all the functions, which makes the settings more user-friendly. You don't have to download any software and don't have to bother with web page configuration or port shares. You log in on our website and can do all the settings on our website. We also offer the complete website in 2 languages (English / German).

Dynamic Banner

The dynamic TerraBot banner is a banner that has never been offered before.

Create your own banner according to your individual needs. You can display several images or text layers on your banner, which rotate individually. As a further special feature you can also define which client may see which texts or even complete banner sections. Or you can specify that a different banner should be displayed for each channel in your Teamspeak. All this and much more is possible with TerraBot.

Overview of functions

  • Time zone for all regions of the world
  • You can create several banners for one instance. e.g.: for your Teamspeak, for your website or as signature for forums
  • Upload several image blanks to rotate the images in the banner
  • Create multiple themes to place them on different image blanks
  • Order your texts into text groups to have a better overview
  • Select a font from our library with over 150 different fonts
  • Create different rules for each text group or also for your blank & themes selection, which client is allowed to see which information. You can also combine all this with channels and at what time or date these rules are applied
  • Show on your banner various data about your Teamspeak server, the client or further information about server groups
  • About 50 variables with data for your banner
  • Create your own variables for display on your banner

Create Channel

Overview of functions

  • Determine which client can create a new channel
  • Specify through which channel a new channel should be created
  • Create a subchannel in any channel or create a main channel on another channel
  • Let the client create a password-protected channel and decide if the user will get the password from the bot or not
  • Create a channel and let one of your admins be notified by the bot that a channel has been created
  • Give the created channel all necessary channel permissions or properties from the bot
  • Combine the creation depending on which server group wants to create a channel

Move Clients

Move various clients on your Teamspeak to certain channels. This function can be varied to which server group this client belongs or in which channel it is located. Use different rules to determine what should happen to this client.

This function is particularly suitable for an AFK Mover, except that you can set different application purposes and limit them individually for each server group.

Statistics of all registered Teamspeaks what our Bot has done

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Created Channels

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Moved Clients

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Partner and also highly recommended TSN-Ranksystem

A PHP Bot that assigns time-based server groups on your TeamSpeak server.

A big thank you to Newcomer1989 for his help and time.