Terrabot is a Teamspeak bot that makes your banner in Teamspeak variable and dynamic. But also new functions like a Move-Bot have been added and make this bot a unique bot.

New Installation

Unfortunately, due to our own mistakes and other various issues, we had to completely reset our server. This also resulted in the deletion of other advanced programming, which was mostly reprogrammed. With this painful setback, we will set this new version to version 6.0 to mark a general point. We are also very sorry that many Teamspeaks were affected by this setback. We are doing our best to bring TerraBot up to the latest and best state and will continue to work on this project with great enthusiasm.

It is also important to us that respect is mutual.

Create Channel

  • NEW New function Terra 3 "list_channels_choice_channel": Specify a channel in which the user jumps. Then a list created by you is displayed where the user can choose a name. The bot creates a new channel with the name and pushes the user into it. Then the list is deleted again.
  • Function change for channel names. From now on, multiple channels with different icons can be created. The icons are no longer dependent on the function, but on the channel.
  • NEW For Terra 1 and Terra 3, you can now assign a channel group to the user in the function.
  • Now it is possible to create, edit or delete each channel name individually.

NEW Downloads

  • CosmicBlue style for Ranksystem: Under "Downloads," you can download our own style "CosmicBlue" in two different variations for your TSN rank system. This offer is only available for self-hosted rank systems! Style example...
    ( Newcomer from TSN-Ranksystem no longer offers the possibility to keep the style up to date directly in the rank system and therefore had to be removed. )

Create Variables

  • Another section has been added for integrating the TSN Ranksystem API. Once the API URL is entered, the variables will be extended with the Ranksystem variables.

Dynamic Banner

  • When viewing the banner overview, the original URL of the banner set in Teamspeak is now displayed. This allows the admin to see LIVE what is really displayed in Teamspeak.
  • When creating text layers, the banner is now also displayed when scrolling down too much text layers, so that you don't lose track.

NEW Downloads

  • Starting from TSN-Ranksystem 1.3.22, it is possible to use custom or third-party styles for the web interface. TerraBot also offers its own style under Downloads for the rank system. All styles from Terrabot are included in the new version of TSN-Ranksystem. However, you have the option to always download the latest version on our website and install it in your rank system.

Forum removed

  • As the "" forum is no longer being used, we have decided to no longer use this service. Therefore, there is no forum anymore.

NEW Terrabot completely in BlueCosmic-Style

  • As of now, the entire website will appear in our self-made "BlueCosmic" style.

NEW TSN-Ranksystem Variables

  • With the TSN-Ranksystem API, it is now possible to implement variables from the ranks into various functions.

Create Channel

  • There is a new setting where you can determine whether users with permissions are allowed to change the channel name without the bot resetting it.

NEW User Accounts

  • In the future, it will be possible to create different users for each instance and give them rights to use certain functions on the web interface.


  • Hilfestellungen um den Teamspeak zu konfigurieren.
  • Das richtige Erstellen eines Query-Logins.


  • Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit TS-CONNECTION hat TerraBot ab sofort einen eigenen Forumbereich, wo alles um das Thema TerraBot besprochen werden kann. Dieses Forum ist allgemein sehr zu empfehlen für jeden der Hilfe in Thema "Teamspeak" braucht. Besonders auch für die deutschsprachigen User, ist es sehr zu empfehlen. Es sind sehr kompetente Personen in diesem Forum vertreten und behandeln einen Wissbegieriegen sehr gut.

NEW Account verifizieren

  • Nun ist es möglich, auf der Webseite von TerraBot zu verifizieren und ein eigenes Passwort anzulegen.

NEW Account Passwort

  • LOGIN: Nun ist es möglich, ein neues Passwort zu generieren, wenn man sein Passwort vergessen hat.
  • MY ACCOUNT: It is possible to change the password in the future.

NEW Create variables

  • Server group filter has been moved from "Instance settings" to a new section called "Create variables"
  • When creating a server group filter, you now get a 2nd variable with which you can display how many users have this server group in total.

Instance settings

  • DIVIDE BOT: If you have a too big teamspeak, you can divide the bot into 2 tasks in the future. Has the advantage that the function bot creates channels or moves clients faster, but you have to allocate another teamspeak slot for the bot. This feature will only be available for teamspeak 128 slots and above.

Move client

  • Added in the rule when the client starts a recording on Teamspeak.
  • MESSAGES: changed "Messages to admins" label to "Selected server groups".
  • MESSAGES: Before a client is moved, it can now be warned of this by a message. This setting has several setting options.
  • CONDITIONS: You can set whether the query, "whether the client in the right channel or has the right group" now as "AND" or "OR" query.

Create channel

  • MESSAGES: Designation "Messages to admins" changed to "Selected server groups".
  • PROFILE: As soon as a matching profile is missing the associated channel, it will be listed below and the function will be malleted.
  • CHANNEL PROPERTIES: Logical settings that affect the channel have been moved to channel properties, as you know it from Teamspeak itself.

Dynamic banner

  • A new section, called Subscribe. With this function you can let your assigned banner with rules determine "Who", "When" and "Where" can see this banner. This setting is many times more complex than the previous version. Not only that you can determine the server groups and channels, but also now the time, date or calendar days.
  • With a new method, one will be able to deposit different "links" depending on the banner from now on for the Teamspeak.
  • From now on, you can also deposit a URL to each banner image and can thus dynamically put different links behind the banner on the Teamspeak.
  • More new variables that you can use for the banner.
  • You can reference multiple banners on templates at the same time.


  • The search box for users has been made more visible.
  • When searching for users on your Teamspeak, it is no longer case sensitive.

System bot optimizations


The Systembot by TerraBot is an additional script that runs on our Teamspeak. This bot helps us to clean up all data or even fix errors in the database or in our folders. However, this bot will also help us in the future to delete inactive instances and remove all data on our server that is no longer needed.

  • CLEAN UP DATA: In databases, clean up and edit data.
  • DELETE INSTANCES: The bot will now delete all instances that have not been active for a month. (We measure activity based on the dates when the bot was last online)


  • CREATE CHANNEL: Creating password of channels now outputs the correct password.
  • CREATE CHANNEL: The bot no longer crashes after creating a password.
  • CREATE CHANNEL: The password is created immediately and no longer after a few seconds.
  • SERVERGROUP FILTER: Due to a technical error, you could no longer delete the filters and also not activate them. This problem is fixed in the new version.

Additional task list for version 5.2


Variables list

  • Create a sample display for all variables to see in advance what will be displayed

Create a channel

  • FUNCTION "TERRA1": When creating channel, display name from client in channel.

Dynamic banner

  • NEW VARIABLE: Display channel password from the create channel (with password) to the user who created the channel on the banner.
  • ASSIGNMENT: selection of banner blanks - mark all blanks that are already used in the banner function.
  • AUTHORIZATION RULE: Create custom menu for permissions on who can see each assignment.
  • ABONIERUNGSREGEL: In the respective selections give the option who may not see the banners.


  • Various bug fixes to increase performance

NEW security

  • Secure server groups
  • Only users registered for the specified server group could have the server group on Teamspeak.
  • Client, which are not registered and get the server group, get this server group again taken away.
  • Client, which are registered and get the server group on the Teamspeak taken off, get this server group again.

Create channel

  • Message to the client. There is now the possibility to tell the user that none of the selected admins is online. E.g. support purposes.
  • Overview of profiles revised. All profiles that are active are displayed in green and all that are not active are displayed in red.
  • If for profiles the selected channels no longer exist, they will be displayed separately under the menu "Channels no longer in existence.
  • Profile editing has been revised. Absofort there is above the tab to reach the specific sections.

Dynamic banner

  • Display individual banner association specific user in specific channels with specific server groups.
  • From now on the banner is IPv6 ready.
  • You can now call different URL's for banners with IPv4 or IPv6.

Move clients

  • ALPHA: Each sub-channel created by the bot (Does not count for mainchannel) now takes on the same property as its parent channel.
  • Overview of profiles revised. All profiles that are active are displayed in green and all that are not active are displayed in red.
  • Profile editing has been revised. Absofort there is above the tab to reach the specific sections.
  • Should a user have 2 admin groups, he no longer gets a message 2 times.


  • From now on it is possible again to let the bot connect via a DNS. Due to the changeover to IPv6, this was no longer possible.
  • Show server groups in the list by order, as they are in Teamspeak.

TerraBot v5.0 is a very early version and will be edited during the release. Since almost everything has changed in terms of structure and content, some minor bugs may have crept in and need to be fixed over time. But finally the bot has been made much more flexible and with many new features that make this bot unique.

Changes compared to TerraBot v4.0

Web interface

  • All programs and scripts have been reprogrammed from scratch.
  • Messages to the client dynamically and with variable functions
  • The content of the web interface has been structured more clearly.
  • In the webinterface the color environment has been made a bit more modern.
  • Added up to 100 new variables for dynamic displays.


  • Complete engine of the bot was reprogrammed and kept more structured. Thus the performance of the website and the bots was improved many times over.
  • In the webinterface the color environment has been made a little more modern.

Dynamic banner

  • The selection of server groups has been made clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Texts can now be transferred to the banner with several lines.
  • Variables have all been completely reinvented and made even more individual.
  • The overview of the variables has been optimized and improved.
  • Banner blank upload was optimized and improved. From now on you can upload several banners at the same time.
  • Assignment of the banners to the text layers has been improved. The selection of banner blanks has been improved and made clearer.

Create Channel

  • You overview of the "Create Channel" profiles are now in the order of the channels in Teamspeak.
  • Selection of server groups improved.
  • Text messages to the client should now also be able to contain variables.
  • The enumeration of the channels to be created can be placed variably in the channel name.
  • There are different nVariables available, how the channels should be enumerated. Among others 1,2,3,... or a,b,c,... or I,II,III,...
  • When editing the "Create Channel" profiles, the channels are not deleted when a user is in the channel. These channels are only edited with the changed data.
  • Delaying delete channels can now be set to any length. (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years, if you like)

Move Clients

  • Two new move rules to move the client for certain actions.
  • Completely new web interface with many new functions.
  • No loading screen when switching between move profile and move rules.
  • Different variables that can be specified for the user.

NEW Create Channel

  • With the new app "Create Channel" you can send our Bot a function for your TS, which automatically creates and deletes channels. This new app contains many different ways how you want to create your channels. You can also control and manage the channel settings.
  • So far there are 2 profiles available for the creation of channels, which you can also view on our Teamspeak. These are Terra 1 & Terra 2 - Profiles


  • The password of the user is encrypted and cannot be seen again.


  • When creating a new instance, all functions required by the bot are now queried. If the bot has no permission or an error occurs, this error will be displayed to the user.
  • If an error occurs during query login, the data is saved first despite the error, so that the user does not have to enter all data again.
  • Bot now loads multiple data from Teamspeak to make the web interface easier to use.

Dynamic Banner

  • You can now create multiple dynamic banners for one instance.
  • You can now divide text positions into groups to get a better overview.
  • For each text group you can create new conditions, when they should be visible. It is possible to have text groups displayed after certain times, days or even months. Or only if certain server groups are in certain channels.
  • assignment of themes to banner blanks extended to dependency when these may be seen. Just as with text groups, certain conditions are queried, at which time, which day or week this complete blank may be displayed with the themes. In exactly the same way you can determine the dependency on server groups or the stay in channels.


  • Webinterface was completely revised. Many new functions and also design of the buttons were created.


  • New variable to display IP from client on banner.
  • New variable to display Teamspeak version on the banner from the client.
  • New variable to show the user which channel he is in.


  • Time zone has its own section, because it is now part of the instance.
  • Filter server groups has got its own category, because it is now a part of the instance and not only used for the banner anymore.


  • An improved verification system has been introduced.

Further problems

  • After a certain number of running bots, the server crashes and all applications for web development crash. Unfortunately, we can't yet determine what is causing this bug and how to fix it. For this reason we have to tighten up the recording for a bot.

Bugfixes and input improvements

Text Positioning and Creating Server Groups

  • From now on you can copy text positions by theme and export them to another instance.
  • If you created a new text position and an error was caused, the web page still jumped to all positions. Now the error is displayed again and you remain in the Create text position
  • section.
  • If you created a new server group filter and created a variable with "%", this server group filter was not saved. From now on the server group will be saved no matter if you create a variable with or without percent sign.

Add another Admin under Manage Accounts

  • If you selected a new user from Teamspeak and added him as admin, no message was written to him. From now on a message will be written to the user in Teamspeak again.

  • There are more bugs that will be fixed to make the TerraBot easier to use. TerraBot depends on the help of every user.

General information on the web interface

  • Design changed from Restart-Button
  • Design changed from Start/Stop button
  • Paypal Donation Button added
  • Login and logout design changed
  • Under Profile it is now possible to delete the account
  • Clean the code from the website and change it for performance
  • Web page should load faster now
  • Missing translations added and extended

NEW Changelog added to the webpage

  • All Terrabot changes can now be read in the changelog

General information about the Bot-Engine

  • The problem with "Nickname already in use" fixed ( thanks to Newcomer for collaboration)
  • Complete revision of the bot
  • Database and Teamspeak accesses made faster
  • Bot-Engine completely prepared and improved for Teamnspeak 3.7.0

Instance Settings

  • All time zones from all over the world can now be set with the instance, so that the clock and date on the banner can be used all over the world

Dynamic Banner

  • New variables for dynamic displays
  • Under Server group filter you can now create your own filters to show other server groups
  • Other over 40 fonts to choose from

Move Client

  • After you have created a new Move profile, you automatically get to the Move rules
  • messages or nudge can now also be set for admin groups for user notifications

NEW Manage account

  • As an instance admin you can now create new accounts from the community, which can also set the bot depending on permissions. However, these new accounts are not able to delete the instance admin.