Terrabot is a Teamspeak bot that makes your banner in Teamspeak variable and dynamic. But also new functions like a Move-Bot have been added and make this bot a unique bot.

Changelog v4.0

TerraBot v4.0 is a very early version and will be edited during the release. Since almost everything has changed in terms of structure and content, some minor bugs may have crept in and need to be fixed over time. But finally the bot has been made much more flexible and with many new features that make this bot unique.

NEW Create Channel

  • With the new app "Create Channel" you can send our Bot a function for your TS, which automatically creates and deletes channels. This new app contains many different ways how you want to create your channels. You can also control and manage the channel settings.
  • So far there are 2 profiles available for the creation of channels, which you can also view on our Teamspeak. These are Terra 1 & Terra 2 - Profiles


  • The password of the user is encrypted and cannot be seen again.


  • When creating a new instance, all functions required by the bot are now queried. If the bot has no permission or an error occurs, this error will be displayed to the user.
  • If an error occurs during query login, the data is saved first despite the error, so that the user does not have to enter all data again.
  • Bot now loads multiple data from Teamspeak to make the web interface easier to use.

Dynamic Banner

  • You can now create multiple dynamic banners for one instance.
  • You can now divide text positions into groups to get a better overview.
  • For each text group you can create new conditions, when they should be visible. It is possible to have text groups displayed after certain times, days or even months. Or only if certain server groups are in certain channels.
  • assignment of themes to banner blanks extended to dependency when these may be seen. Just as with text groups, certain conditions are queried, at which time, which day or week this complete blank may be displayed with the themes. In exactly the same way you can determine the dependency on server groups or the stay in channels.


  • Webinterface was completely revised. Many new functions and also design of the buttons were created.


  • New variable to display IP from client on banner.
  • New variable to display Teamspeak version on the banner from the client.
  • New variable to show the user which channel he is in.


  • Time zone has its own section, because it is now part of the instance.
  • Filter server groups has got its own category, because it is now a part of the instance and not only used for the banner anymore.


  • An improved verification system has been introduced.

Further problems

  • After a certain number of running bots, the server crashes and all applications for web development crash. Unfortunately, we can't yet determine what is causing this bug and how to fix it. For this reason we have to tighten up the recording for a bot.

Changelog v3.5.1


Bugfixes and input improvements

Text Positioning and Creating Server Groups

  • From now on you can copy text positions by theme and export them to another instance.
  • If you created a new text position and an error was caused, the web page still jumped to all positions. Now the error is displayed again and you remain in the Create text position
  • section.
  • If you created a new server group filter and created a variable with "%", this server group filter was not saved. From now on the server group will be saved no matter if you create a variable with or without percent sign.

Add another Admin under Manage Accounts

  • If you selected a new user from Teamspeak and added him as admin, no message was written to him. From now on a message will be written to the user in teamspeak again.

  • There are more bugs that will be fixed to make the TerraBot easier to use. TerraBot depends on the help of every user.

Changelog v3.5


General information on the web interface

  • Design changed from Restart-Button
  • Design changed from Start/Stop button
  • Paypal Donation Button added
  • Login and logout design changed
  • Under Profile it is now possible to delete the account
  • Clean the code from the website and change it for performance
  • Web page should load faster now
  • Missing translations added and extended

NEW Changelog added to the webpage

  • All Terrabot changes can now be read in the changelog

General information about the Bot-Engine

  • The problem with "Nickname already in use" fixed ( thanks to Newcomer for collaboration)
  • Complete revision of the bot
  • Database and Teamspeak accesses made faster
  • Bot-Engine completely prepared and improved for Teamnspeak 3.7.0

Instance Settings

  • All time zones from all over the world can now be set with the instance, so that the clock and date on the banner can be used all over the world

Dynamic Banner

  • New variables for dynamic displays
  • Under Server group filter you can now create your own filters to show other server groups
  • Other over 40 fonts to choose from

Move Client

  • After you have created a new Move profile, you automatically get to the Move rules
  • messages or nudge can now also be set for admin groups for user notifications

NEW Manage account

  • As an instance admin you can now create new accounts from the community, which can also set the bot depending on permissions. However, these new accounts are not able to delete the instance admin.