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Instance Settings

A query login gives an application the ability to connect to a Teamspeak without a client application. The queries are usually not visible for normal users and can only be seen by admins (as far as this is set correctly).

Even if you can't see the queries in Teamspeak, you occupy an official slot from Teamspeak. Since the update from the Teamspeak server version 3.4.1, it is also no longer provided by Teamspeak that a given query group can be assigned to normal clients. But this is not a big deal, because you can create a query login with normal server groups.

There are different types of bots that also need different server group permissions. It is already very important that you do not give a bot more rights than it needs and clarify this in advance.

It is also important that you create a separate identity for each bot to also have this bot under control without deleting other users or bots.

To be able to edit the server groups in more detail, you should first set the advanced rights system, which you can set under "Extras -> Options -> Applications -> Miscellaneous -> Advanced rights system"

We explain how to correctly create a query login and how to apply it.


  1. Copy a server group that has the most server group rights that your bot needs. And name this server group with the name of the bot (For later control, it is good if each bot also has its own server group).
    "Rights -> Server Groups -> Select appropriate server group -> Right-click and copy -> Name copied server group after the bot"

  2. Adjust additional server group permissions that your bot needs.
    "Rights -> Server Groups -> Click the "wrench arrow" in the bottom left corner to get to the advanced server group setting -> Select appropriate server group -> Adjust necessary permissions"

  3. Create a new identity for the bot and name this identity after your bot.
    "Extra -> Identities -> Create -> Identity Name: (bot name) -> Nickname: (not relevant)"

  4. Connect to a new user with the new created identity on teamspeak under a new tab.It is very important that you are connected to your admin account and the new identity on your teamspeak.
    "Connections -> Click 'More' -> Server Nickname or Address on the bottom left: Your Teamspeak address -> Nickname: (not relevant) -> Identity: Newly created identity -> In new tab"

  5. In Teamspeak, in the tab at the top, now select your admin account and assign the new user with the new identity the newly created server group you want the bot to have.
    "Right click on the new user -> Set Server Group -> (click on the newly created server group)"

  6. Now select Sie at the top of the tab again your newly created user and create a new query login. Often the mistake happens that you accidentally create a query login with your admin. Make sure that you have really selected the newly created user in the tab.
    "Extras -> ServerQuery Login -> Name: Enter any login name (Make sure to avoid spaces or special characters) -> OK"
  7. From Teamspeak you will now get your login name and associated password, which you can enter into the appropriate fields on the bot. Our recommendation, make a note of this query login, because you can not call them again later.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you create a new query login with the same user, all old data will be deleted and thus the bots will stop working.