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"The TSN-Ranksystem is a bot that allows you to give different ranks to various users on Teamspeak based on their activities.

The TSN ranking system, starting from version 1.3.22, offers the ability to use various themes for the design of the web interface. For this reason, it was a challenge for us to develop a design for the ranking system ourselves. The design called "CosmicBlue" was created and is offered for download here.

CosmicBlue is owned by and is not a standalone style of TSN-Ranksystem.




  • In this version, a new function has been incorporated, allowing you to not only secure your "favicon" but also the title of your rank system against an update from TSN rank system. The download file includes a "Readme.txt" that describes how you can activate this function.
  • Selections where multiple options can be chosen have been visually improved. From now on, the IDs no longer overlap each other.


  1. Unpack the RAR or ZIP file.
  2. Save the files in the "CosmicBlue" directory on your server under the TSN-Ranksystem main directory in the "Styles" directory.
  3. Log in to your TSN-Ranksystem website in the web interface.
  4. Go to "Other" in the menu.
  5. Under "Different Styles" select the theme "CosmicBlueModern" or "CosmicBlueClassic" and save your settings.
  6. Especially with Linux servers, it can happen that the selected themes are not displayed. For this reason, you should set the permission of "styles" to "755" via FTP and allow this right to be inherited by the sub-elements.