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Community Teamspeak

become a member of our community and use our teamspeak. With a verified account you can use all our channels or create your own channels.

Overview of team peak performance

  • Teamspeak channels freely accessible
  • Create and manage your own channels
  • Create personal channels that will be deleted when leaving teamspeak and created again when joining teamspeak
  • To play together with other users and make new friends
  • close contact to development team

TerraBot free version

We offer you the possibility to use our banner in the free version. You have the possibility to create an individual banner according to your wishes and can leave all data ads that are possible without a bot.

  • Webinterface to create a banner
  • image upload for banner
  • Manage your banner

Upgrade to PREMIUM account

Use TerraBot to its full extent

As soon as you have qualified for our premium account, you can use our TerraBot without any restrictions.

TerraBot functions

  • Web interface for complete control of the following functions
  • Create instance and further settings and optimizations of this instance
  • Create dynamic banner with incomparable functions (rotation of background image, rotation of data on banner, definable variables, unlimited blank upload)
  • Move client create for AFKler or for server group dependent variables
  • Create channel with various functions and variables
  • Manage users to let other users control this bot on the web interface
  • Personal support from our terraBot team
  • Commitment to the development of the bot
  • Special rank on the Teamspeak as VIP status

Since our PREMIUM account was developed for larger communities, there are a few prerequisites for qualification. We will describe the conditions of the qualification to you in the logged in Zusatnbd under PREMIUM-Acquisition.