Verify Teamspeak - Account for TerraBot

TerraBot is a voluntary organization of programmers who enjoy making a project available to others. To protect us from legal action, you must first agree to our terms of verification.We would like to point out in advance that you do not have to enter into a contract with us or make any other payments. This is only a formal security through the services we offer.

Our community

Become a member of our community and use our Teamspeak. With a verified account you can use all our channels or create channels yourself.

Teamspeak services at a glance

  • Teamspeak channels freely accessible
  • Create and manage your own channels
  • Create personal channels, which will be deleted by Teamspeak when leaving and created again by Teamspeak when joining
  • Play together with other users and make new friends
  • Close contact to the development team

Behavior and rules on our Teamspeak

The use of our Community Teamspeak is free of charge and allows every user who has verified himself with us to use all services without any restrictions. We, the operators of TerraBot, reserve the right to change the conditions or the structure of our community.

  1. All users on Teamspeak must be treated with respect
  2. The use of add-ons or other programs that influence our Teamspeak are strictly forbidden
  3. The tone makes the music: Treat other users exactly the way you want to be treated. And if you don't want to be treated well yourself, then you have no place on our Teamspeak
  4. Every user has to follow another user with an administrative rank
  5. Sound or music bots that are not provided by TerraBot are prohibited
  6. Administrative bots that are not provided by TerraBot are strictly prohibited
  7. The disturbing or insulting of other users is forbidden
  8. Trolling on our Teamspeak is absolutely forbidden
  9. Since we operate internationally, the main language on our Teamspeak is English

Verification and data

Our website serves as a web interface for each user to control his bot or to make settings for his instance.

  1. When verifying our website, our Teamspeak is scanned by a bot, which stores all Teamspeak relevant data in the database
  2. No personal data is stored by our bot that you do not voluntarily pass on to us
  3. When verifying, we will only store your email address and your password with a 64-bit encryption (your password is not visible to us).
  4. Only developers can view the database to further develop TerraBot and will handle this data sensitively
  5. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or sold

Waiting list for TerraBot

Verification does not guarantee the use of TerraBot.

  1. Once you have created an account for the website after verification, you can fill out an application form under the "My TerraBot" tab
  2. We take this application very seriously and will evaluate it. The more detailed and convincing the application is described, the more likely it will be approved for the waiting list
  3. Since the request is very high and we still want to maintain our performance towards our clients, the approved applications will be put on a waiting list
  4. You will always have the ability to log in to the website with your account and see your status for the request or waitlist
  5. Once you have been approved for the TerraBot, you will receive a confirmation to the email you provided or you can also view your approval on the website
  6. Basically, we will visit Teamspeak and get an idea about your organization before approving

Use of TerraBot

  1. TerraBot is not responsible if the data or information on your Teamspeak is lost due to using TerraBot
  2. It must be ensured that we as supporters on your Teamspeak can reach the responsible members (online) in charge of the bot at any time and do not have to linger in various channels until someone arrives during the day. Of course we understand, if these members are in the game or otherwise just have no time. Nevertheless, it would be to the advantage to send a short message to the support of TerraBot, with the appropriate message
    (For us it is a big effort in different Teamspeaks unnecessary and hours to wait for help)
  3. To use TerraBot we also need sensitive query login data, otherwise the bot will not work. This data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties
  4. Developers of TerraBot have the possibility to view all data from your query login in the database. (Unfortunately, you cannot encrypt the password from your query-login, otherwise the bot will not be able to log in)
  5. All applications on our interface have the best possible description, please be sure to read it carefully as well
  6. For support to provide proper assistance, the client must be proficient in either English or German

Refund or account block

  1. If you violate our terms or rules, your account will be blocked or deleted by us
  2. For every donation made there is no money back guarantee, because it is a donation and not a purchase
  3. For accounts that have donated, there is no money back even if they are blocked by us due to misconduct